Why is Homeopathy a top choice for mental health conditions and emotional trauma?

There is one area of health where Homeopathy particularly excels and that is mental health conditions, behavioural issues and emotional trauma. Now why would that be? To answer this question we have to look first at what Homeopathy really is and how it works. We will also need to have a closer look at what a ‘disease’ is, what is its core.

What is Homeopathy and how it works?

Homeopathy is not physical/material medicine. Unlike naturopathy (herbs, supplements) or allopathic medicine (e.g. anti-psychotic drugs) it does not act at the level of (bio)chemistry. Homeopathy affects the deeper (energetic) layers of the ‘body’ and our energetic system. It basically stimulates your own abilities to heal, it gives a nudge to our vital (life) force. This also means that Homeopathy is capable of penetrating through the psyche and can bring on deep healing at the very core of our being. Homeopathy is information – energetic (or frequency) medicine! Why? Because Homeopathy basically releases information from various substances – plants, minerals, animals…

What is a disease?

If we can be open minded and brave enough to admit that a disease is first always created at a deeper (spiritual/emotional/subconscious/…) level then we can also say that it is basically a misinformation. A disease is an information chaos within us! A sick person is missing something at a deeper level, lacks a certain information. And in fact a disease can be also an information – information about an imbalance within us and it always has a meaning or a message for us and should provoke certain questions. Diseases inform us that we have made a mistake somewhere or our approach, way of thinking, opinions or behaviour is/was erroneous and change, insight, understanding and some learning is required.   

And here it becomes really interesting!

If a disease is information chaos and Homeopathy is information medicine then this means that a homeopathic remedy can elegantly correct this misinformation within us by giving us the “information” that we lack in our (un)consciousness. In a homeopathic approach this information becomes the remedy that we so much need. The information is always immaterial, therefore it needs a ‘carrier/messenger’ and this carrier is the sucrose/lactose/alcohol/water or other form of the homeopathic remedy. The information is released from its original substance (e.g. plants, minerals) and is then given to us through a carrier (homeopathic remedy in a form of pellets, granules etc.). There is no room to dive deeper here in this article re process of preparation of homeopathic remedies etc but if you want to know more about this then you can read my blog “So what is Homeopathy” in order to find out more. I will only say that this process of “release of information (de-materialization)” and the consequent “loading of the information on the carrier” happens during the process of the remedy preparation (homeopathic dilution/trituration and succussion).

A true, authentic and deep healing

To be truly and deeply healed we need to broaden our horizons –   expand our consciousness or in other words expand the influx of information. This is what Homeopathy does! It carries the information that we lack in our consciousness. Homeopathy can help us to focus on finding the root cause of our problems inside us rather than outside in life circumstances. It can helps us to understand where and how did we get stuck. Homeopathy is a beautiful system of medicine that has a potential to heal very difficult and also very peculiar conditions and problems.

What can Homeopathy do for your mental health?

Unlike psychiatric drugs, Homeopathy does change the personality of the patient, it only restores the lost balance – brings back the equilibrium, fixes what is broken, removes what is pathological.

The ‘Mind’ section of our homeopathic repertory is full of symptoms/rubrics that are often incredibly rare, strange and peculiar. Hence, Homeopathy can really help us with so many strange (health) problems that have no explanation whatsoever and cannot be solved with other natural or allopathic options.

Homeopathy is indeed an incredibly unique system of medicine and is particularly well suited for emotional, behavioural or mental health conditions of any kind or origin.

Can a chemical (material) substance in a form of a drug cure a deep rooted emotional trauma that is immaterial (not physical, cannot be touched)? I would question that but what I can say is that Homeopathy can do that because Homeopathy is immaterial (information/frequency) medicine.  

A well chosen deep acting homeopathic remedy can really change a suffering person’s life and can eliminate or reduce the symptoms of ANXIETY, FEAR, TICS/TOURETTES, OBBSESSIONS, ADDICTIONS, TANTRUMS, ANGER, RAGE, FURY/VIOLEBCE, DEPRESSION, PHOBIA, ASD, ADD, ADHD, OCD, EPILEPSY, TRAUMA… and it does it in a very gentle way – the homeopathic way! 


Deeply inspired by Thorwald Dethlefsen and his book “The Challenge of Fate” (1979).

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