My mission is to help you to improve your health and well-being! 

This website is dedicated to my homeopathic practice and to HOMEOPATHY – my love and passion. The charming beauty and elegance of the way in which homeopathy can restore health and wellness and change people’s life captured my attention many years ago, I was attracted by homeopathy more and more. This strong affection and fascination by homeopathy has been transformed into a vocational calling, I had to become a homeopath.

About me

I am a professional homeopath graduated from the renowned Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Bratislava, where many world famous homeopaths teach or taught, including Jan Scholten, Louis Klein, Yogesh Sehgal, Michal Yakir, Jonathan Hardy and others, the list is long.

I see clients from all around the world at my virtual Zoom clinic and have been helping people with various different physical and emotional conditions. Homeopathy acts on a very deep level of health and can change lives, no wonder that I am so passionate about my it! I am proud to be a homeopath and I am grateful for the ability and opportunity to help suffering people and animals. 

I am registered as a professional homeopath with the Slovak Society of Homeopaths. I hold a masters degree and a first degree doctorate in Natural Sciences.

I am a former member of The Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland (ARCHTI) and I was also one of the core members of the group of international homeopaths from all around the world providing acute consultations called Homeopathy 247 at the very beginning when this project was established.

The Healing Art of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a natural therapy which involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances with the aim of triggering the body’s vital force – its own natural healing system. Homeopathy can help you to achieve balance, harmony, well being and good health. It is an effective and safe method.

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Homeopathy was founded by a German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843)  and is based on his doctrine “similia similibus curantur ” – like cures like. In other words, a substance taken in small amounts will cure the same symptoms it causes if taken in large amounts – a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people would cure similar symptoms in sick people. Homeopathy has been used successfully worldwide for over 200 years and is recognized as the second most popular alternative form of therapy in the world today.

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and safe, prepared and approved by pharmacies. They are made from a huge range of natural sources, such as plants, minerals, animal based remedies (venoms, milk) and others.

To find out more about homeopathy, please refer to the following resources:




To find out more about scientific evidence and effectiveness of homeopathy, please visit the website of the Homeopathy Research Institute (London, UK):



Homeopaths generally begin the homeopathic consultation with detailed examinations of their patient’s histories, including questions regarding their physical, mental and emotional states, medical history, their life circumstances, diet, dreams, unique and peculiar symptoms and other aspects of one’s life.

After careful consideration, based on these symptoms the homeopath chooses an appropriate homeopathic remedy for the patient.

The initial evaluation usually lasts approximately up to 1,5 hours. Follow-up appointments last about 30 – 45 minutes.

All consultations are private one to one sessions and are strictly confidential.

Please CLICK HERE to read my blog about the booking & homeopathic treatment process.

For information about your homeopathic options, please email me. If you wish to make an appointment, you can use the online scheduling/booking system on this website (click on the button below). I work only online and see clients from all around the globe through video-calls (Zoom, Whereby, Teleport). 

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Please check your spam/junk folder when you make a booking because sometimes the booking confirmation email ends up there.

Important To Note

Do not stop any medications that have been prescribed except under the supervision of your medical doctor. It is important that you continue to see a licensed physician for your current condition or any condition that may arise.

If you need emergency health care please contact your Doctor or Emergency Services.

Please note that I use homeopathy to enhance your general well-being, vitality and health and not to diagnose or treat a specific disease.

I do not sell homeopathic remedies.

Results from homeopathy  may vary from individual to individual.

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