Appointment Fees

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All prices listed below are in Euro. Please click here for currency conversions. Please pay for your appointment within 12 hours once a booking has been made in order to secure your appointment slot.

Standard Appointments

First (initial) Full Intake Appointment (up to 1h 30min):    €155

Full initial (intake) consultation for long lasting chronic/recurrent conditions with detailed case taking. This is the main homeopathic consultation type for all health conditions lasting longer then 2-3 weeks.

Follow-up Appointment (up to 45 min): €75

A follow-up consultation to evaluate the progress of the treatment. It usually follows 4-5 weeks after taking the remedy.

Short Acute Consultation (up to 20 minutes):    €45

Quick consults are for acute conditions. Acute symptoms are ones which are new or less than 2 weeks old (flu, common cold, viruses, upset stomach, minor injuries etc.). Homeopathic remedies are not instead of Emergency Services. If you need EMERGENCY SERVICES then go immediately.

Coaching for Animal Owners (up to 60 min): €115

Coaching video call session for animal owners – yes, you can help animals with homeopathy!

Coaching for Animal OwnersFollow up session (up to 45 min): €55

Let’s continue learning together!

Repertorization Consult (45 min): €35

Learn the basics of homeopathic software repertorization (Completed Dynamics).

Discounted Appointments

Joint Consult (Mother & Child) – Follow up Session – package (up to 75 min.): €135

A joint homeopathic follow-up consult for a mother and child (or 2 children) together during one session – healing progress review.


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