Work with me

How to you book a homeopathic consult with me and Q&A

How to make a booking and how does the whole treatment process work.
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Mental & Emotional Health

Homeopathy for PANS and PANDAS

PANS & PANDAS (infection induces inflammatory disorders) - mysterious, debilitating, surrounded by controversy and on the rise! Homeopathy can play a...
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Why is Homeopathy a top choice for mental health conditions and emotional trauma?

Why is Homeopathy such an excellent choice for all kind of emotional, behavioural and mental health problems? Find out more!
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Homeopathy for Asthma

What can homeopathy do for people suffering from asthma? Find out more about the homeopathic approach to asthma!
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Theory of Homeopathy

So what is Homeopathy?

What is Homeopathy? Find out more about the healing art of Homeopathy - blog by Peter Matu.
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Homeopathy for Allergies

Allergies can cause huge discomfort and it is not easy to live with them. They can be imprisoning. Allergies have...
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Case studies

Cramping from all sides

A case of Cuprum metallicum by Peter Matu published in a prominent International Homeopathic Journal INTERHOMEOPATHY.
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